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Childhood Development 

& biomechanical injury 

Welcome to the Kid's Corner of Vital Life Center!

We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to grow and develop in a way that allows them fully learn, play, and experience what it's like to be a child and grow into a healthy, balanced and vital toddler, preteen, teen and into adulthood.

We also understand that not everything goes as planned. Prenatal, postnatal or birth trauma can affect an infants ability to nurse, see, hear, digest, integrate reflexes and interact properly in those vital first months and years. This biomechanical injury component is often overlooked when considering developmental issues while children are growing. Genetic predispositions, toxins, and other life traumas can also interrupt or inhibit a child's developmental process that can lead to detriments and disabilities well into adulthood. 

Childhood shapes our lives. Gaps in physiological development can impact our relationships, work, social engagement, and learning. These gaps in early development can be connected to the challenges we experience later on as adults. 

Using our unique, gentle chiropractic approach, sensory and reflex integration techniques, acupuncture/acupressure, supplements and simple body techniques, we are often able to make profound improvements in treating over-sensitivity issues (food, touch, auditory, behavior), clumsiness or uncoordinated movement patterns, social and emotional issues, delays in development (speech, language, reading, motor skills), attention and engagement problems, and poor self awareness and actualization of positive behaviors. 


Image by Kiana Bosman
Image by Robert Collins
Check out these great videos for a wonderful explanation of childhood development and how we can have an incredible impact:   
by Dr. Lydia Knutson, founder of the technique utilized at this office
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