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Long Trail, Mt. Mansfield 

Vital Life Center

To Book a session with Dr. Christina at VLC please email us at: -- and tell us a little about why you're seeking care


Meet Dr. Christina

Dr. Christina's mission is to approach treatment on an individualized, personal basis and to empower patients to take wellness into their own hands. She works WITH you to achieve your health needs and goals.

With specializations in correcting chronic pain patterns, chronic illness (including long covid), whiplash and concussion recovery, performance optimization, and childhood development both physical and behavioral, she is able to address a wide variety of health concerns. Additional treatment interests include conditions related to autonomic nervous system dysregulation.

About Me

Being a healer in today's world involves a healthy and dynamic blend of a deep knowledge of western medical science, natural healing methods, and the art of meeting people where they're at to discover their needs, goals, and desires in order to live a vital life. To find the root causes of even deep, chronic injury and help people make sense of this ever more complicated world and our bodies. 

It is my goal to create a healing space to offer my expertise and be the agent of change needed in the lives of so many. 

In my practice you'll find a space where you can feel confident that you will be heard, even when you feel like you've been everywhere and still need help.  A place where your goals and needs are recognized and I'll be on your team to rediscovering vitality in your life. 





Education and Certifications

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) - New York Chiropractic College 

Master of Science in Acupuncture (MSAc) - Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine 

Diplomate of Acupuncture (Dipl. Ac.)

Certified in Axial Stability Method

Licensed Chiropractor in VT, MA, NY (DC)

Licensed Acupuncturist in VT & NY (LAc)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Concentration Cognition (BA)

Minor in Peace and Conflict Resolution

Certificate of achievement in Peace and Conflict Resolution

Certificate in Reiki (level 3)


Mad River Valley


My Philosophy

True healing comes when we decide to be partners in our own health. When we listen deeply to ourselves and make the changes needed to create vitality in our lives. When we become invested in our own well-being, the health practitioners we meet become part of the wellness journey, offering the expertise needed along the way. 


Anyone can benefit at my practice. Regardless of one’s condition, or health status, those who really want to get better and actively participate in their care experience change here. We help our patients know how to engage the healing process in the best possible way, and how to sustain the benefits of treatment to achieve and maintain true health and returned vitality as fast as possible.

New Patient Process


Contact Us

If you're thinking about working with Dr. Christina, please email 

From there we will be able to offer upcoming New Patient Evaluations

If you're unsure whether to book your intake at Vital Life Center or at the Community Clinic, email us to set up a 15 minute complimentary call to determine the most appropriate next step 


New Patient Appointment 

Plan for a 2 hour intake, physical evaluation and your first treatment at Vital Life Center. 

Intakes at the Community Clinic are 30 minutes with the goal of targeted care rather than a full health history. See the community clinic page for more information. 


Care Planning

Dr. Christina will go over all the findings from the new patient evaluation and together, we'll make a plan to that best fits your needs and projected progress.


This may include appointments at Vital Life Center and/or at the Community Clinic 

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