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Sugarbush, Lincoln Peak

Vital Life
Community Clinic

Bridging the gap of Natural health care options and accessibility 


Our vision is to create a community oriented chiropractic, acupuncture, body work, internal medicine clinic at affordable rates to create greater accessibility to natural health care 

What to expect & How to use this office

The community clinic is an open treatment room with three tables to accommodate multiple patients at a time. 

Choosing treatment here is an excellent option for those who need a higher volume of up front care for chronic or acute conditions or long term well care. 

With the option to book your appointments right online, the community clinic is also a great option to check if you're needing extra support and same day treatment for stress, pain, digestive issues, immunity boosting, or just relaxation.     


Meet The Team


Dr. Christina Andrle

Dr. Andrle is a licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist.

With specializations in correcting chronic pain patterns, chronic illness (including long covid), whiplash and concussion recovery, performance optimization, and childhood development both physical and behavioral, she is able to address a wide variety of health concerns. Additional treatment interests include conditions related to autonomic nervous system dysregulation.


Coming soon

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Coming Soon

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