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Are you having weird post-COVID symptoms?

Firstly, we’re very happy to know that you had a successful recovery from COVID-19. However, if you’re reading this, the title caught you and you’re having some unexplained changes post infection that were never there before, or previously existing issues are now worse, causing stress and discomfort.

Here is a very likely reason why your body may be experiencing these symptoms: dysautonomia as a result of the covid-19 virus, falling under the category of post viral syndrome (PVS).

What is dysautonomia and PVS? When the body comes under stress from illnesses, injuries, surgeries, or high stress among other things, it can cause the body to have a harder time with its normal regulatory processes that we never even think about unless something is wrong and we start to have symptoms. This automatic regulation of your body is called the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and it unconsciously regulates everything from heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, sweating, hormone regulation, digestion and bowel function, sleep... you name it, the ANS regulates it. The ANS relies on complex and highly organized information gathering and signaling systems to the brain, your CEO. The brain then makes the appropriate adjustments and the ANS carries it out.

Dysautonomia is the disruption of this system, and SARS COVID-19, among other viral, bacterial or parasitic infections (such as malaria or Lyme), are known to causing such disruption, confusion, stress, and dysfunction in the body’s ability to regulate itself which can lead to long term unpleasant symptoms.

Another study suggests that if you have lingering symptoms more than 8 weeks that you never had before being infected with COVID, you should seek help

Our office at Vital Life has tools that can help get your body take back control. Studies have shown that both acupuncture and chiropractic can help to regulate the ANS. We have a protocol in our office currently that takes about 5-10 treatments that can have a huge impact on your body’s health and proper regulation. Don’t wait to get help. The longer a system is functioning improperly, that hard it is to return it back to normal function.

We are here for you.

In health, Your Team at Vital Life Center 802-828-7785

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